Volini Maxx Spray
3 times faster* pain - relief
For those who want to bounce back in no time.

*As per the clinical study study dated July 2019 compared to other pressurized 1% Diclofenac containing pain relief topical spray

Volini Gel
Pain relief starting in 2 minutes*
For those who want to instantly get back to life.

*Clinical study to determine the effect of Volini gel on subjects with acute painful conditions of musculoskeletal origin. Does not imply relief. Use as directed. Refer your physician, if pain persists for more than 7 days.

Volini Spray
#1 pain reliever* with 360° technology
For those who want a one stop solution for any pain.

*Source: ACN MAT March ’22.

Volini Joint Xpert
Joint Pain relief for 12 hours
For those who are young at heart.

The hub for all your pain-relief and management needs!

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Millions of Indian's trust Volini for pain-relief! Check out all customer stories!
"Hands down the most effective and quick pain reliever. "
Jane Sequeira
24 years old
Volini Spray User
Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image
"The gel gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and leaves no stains, unlike with other pain relief oils. "
Panchanan Das
58 years old
Volini Joint Xpert User
"This gel is a must-have for every home. From back pain to ankle sprain, I rely on it for everything."
Minti Memaya
41 years old
Volini Gel User
Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image
"I love how fast it works and how fast it helps me overcome pain from a sports injury."
24 years old
Volini Maxx Spray User