Discover the benefits of using Science over Home Remedies to make informed choices when it comes to pain management.

Volini and Lybrate have joined forces to provide free consultations through doctors across India, Specialized in treating pain. Get the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of medical experts, each excelling in their respective fields, and unlock a gateway to alleviate your pain.

Lybrate offers an online platform for patients to consult with doctors over chat, phone or video call. With an extensive database of highly trained medical experts at your fingertips, get an opportunity to easily seek answers to any pain-related queries with just a simple click.

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Beyond DIY Home Remedies: Embracing Science for Effective Muscular Pain Relief

From Desk to Gym: Managing Common Muscular Pains with Advanced Pain Relief Solutions

From Sales Strain to Sales Success: Managing Muscular Pains Effectively

Get access to our featured video to find insightful tips and tricks that will not only help with pain management but will also educate you on the Science of pain.

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Explore how Volini Gel, Volini Spray and Volini Maxx are different to know which one will suit your pain relief needs!

volini gel
Pain relief starting in 2 minutes*
For those who want to instantly get back to life.

*Clinical study to determine the effect of Volini gel on subjects with acute painful conditions of musculoskeletal origin. Does not imply relief. Use as directed. Refer your physician, if pain persists for more than 7 days.

Volini Spray
#1 pain reliever* with 360° technology
For those who want a one stop solution for any pain.

*Source: ACN MAT March ’22.

Volini Maxx Spray
3 times faster* pain - relief
For those who want to bounce back in no time.

*As per the clinical study study dated July 2019 compared to other pressurized 1% Diclofenac containing pain relief topical spray

Joint xpert
Joint Pain relief for 12 hours
For those who are young at heart.