Rotator angle
Volini Rotator Spray


Working out at gym causing you joint pain?

Don’t worry pain will not come your way during work-out sessions. Volini spray with 360o technology provides instant relief from joint pain with an advantage of applying at any angle without any external assistance.

Stiff Neck

Got a knee pain or a muscle pull while striving for your best?

Pain doesn’t stand a chance with Volini 360o spray with micro particles which allow deeper penetration of ingredients for quick relief. Spray your way to relief from unnecessary muscle pulls and knee pain anywhere!

Joint pain

Sprained your ankle during zumba practice?

No worries, now keep your feet tapping as you have Volini 360o spray as your pain relief partner. Its micro particles allow deeper penetration of ingredients which give quick relief at any angle of pain.

Ready for a jog, but you got a terrible knee pain?

Don’t let your fitness mantra go in waste. Jog, run, walk your way without any knee pain. Volini Pain Relief Spray will take care of your knee pain as it has rubefacient preparations for the relief of pain in musculoskeletal, joint, and soft tissue disorders.

Knee twist

Overtime at office causing you shoulder pain?

Don’t miss office or meetings now! Volini 360o spray is your handy relief for shoulder and neck pain during office hours. Spray your way to relief from strenuous shoulder and neck ache during any hour of the day.

Neck pain